Vintage Playroom Ideas on a Budget: Playroom Reveal :

Vintage Playroom Ideas on a Budget: Playroom Reveal

All the best kids vintage playroom storage, furniture, and decor ideas that are also budget friendly

It’s funny because I could have swore I would be revealing this vintage bunk bed/playroom two months ago but here we are…

Room makeovers very rarely go according to schedule around here, mainly because of the toddler.

So I should have assumed a room we were creating for him would also run just a bit behind schedule.

Nevertheless we finally made it to reveal day and I could not be happier with how this space turned out! 

If you have been following along since the beginning of this playroom makeover you know this is what the space looked like when we first moved in:

Vintage Playroom Design

The only thing we did to this room before this makeover was scrape the ceilings and remove the carpet.

Then we closed the door for over a year, only using it for storage.

Vintage Playroom Design

This year we decided it was finally time to makeover this space into a cool vintage playroom with bunk beds for Eli and his future sleepovers. 

I wanted to create a fun room that they could play in, make a mess in, and also accommodate sleepovers or out of town guests.

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Vintage Playroom Design

I knew from the beginning what I wanted for this space design wise: vintage mixed with eclectic, mixed with equestrian, and a sprinkle of hunt club vibes. 

Vintage Playroom Design

We started by installing this dark Hickory LVP flooring

Then we installed the bead board and trim using this simple method.

Adding decorative crown molding to the ceiling and a ledge around the bead board added dimension and character. 

Vintage Playroom Design

I opted to paint all the door frames and window frames the same color for a cohesive look.

See how to add fancy window + door trim the easy way here!

The bead board color is the perfect vintage inspired blue, Skipping Stones by Dunn-Edwards Dura.

This blue is the perfect combination of peaceful and playful.

Playroom Wallpaper Idea

I searched long and hard for the perfect wallpaper to fit this playroom.

Finally I came across this beautiful gray plaid wallpaper from Wall Blush.

Playroom Reading Nook

The stripes are just the right amount of pattern for the room, adding charm without being overwhelming.

This was not our first time using Wall Blush wallpaper, we also used it in the classroom makeover.

So I already knew the quality of the paper would be top notch and they pre cut each piece for me which is a huge bonus!

Playroom Reading Nook

Playroom Reading Nook

Both rooms upstairs have these sweet little dog house bump outs.

They make for the coziest reading nooks and the perfect space to store all of Eli’s books.

I diy-ed these scallop bookshelves to add to the vintage charm of the space.

Playroom Reading Nook

They were so simple to make and saved me literally 100s of dollars.

We even used them this month to hold his Christmas advent books.

The chest in the reading nook was Adam’s grandmothers.

I love incorporating these sentimental pieces in our home.

Playroom Sensory Area

This sensory space was originally the room’s walk-in closet.

Playroom Sensory Area

It is the perfect size for creating a confined sensory space for our toddler.

We built him this DIY rock wall for really cheap and also assembled this play gym.

We have had this sensory swing since last Christmas and it is still one of his favorite calming activities.

Playroom Sensory Area

The ball pit is another favorite of Eli’s and word to the wise, buy the no crush balls

The gym mat is a must have if you plan on installing a gym of your own, it has saved us from multiple incidents I’m sure.

Vintage Inspired Bunkbeds

When we first moved into our home I had toyed with the idea of building our own bunk beds…

But when I was searching for a vintage looking bed for Eli’s bedroom I stumbled upon this bunkbed and fell in love with it.

It was the first piece of furniture I decided on for the bunkbed room and I have zero regrets.

Playroom Storage Ideas

This bunk bed was very budget friendly and the turned spindles added lots of charm and character. 

Here are 21 awesome bunk bed ideas!

It comes in multiple colors but the cherry wood finish fits our theme perfectly.

I big puffy heart love this quilted bedding and the way it ties in the blue paint without being overwhelming.

Playroom Storage Ideas

Every good playroom needs a lot of storage options.

We utilized a mix of old and new storage pieces for this space.

This vintage trunk was a Facebook Marketplace find that doubles as a nightstand and extra blanket storage.

Playroom Storage Ideas

I also found this really cool antique magazine rack that works perfectly for storing all of Eli’s lovey’s.

The main toy storage is this cube storage unit I bought from Lowe’s.

Playroom Furniture Finds

I mixed different types of storage bins to help organize his different types of toys and games.

Check out more cube storage bin finds here!

Will it stay organized is the big question…

I am also utilizing a tall chest in this room that was originally part of our bedroom suite.

Playroom Furniture Finds

It is perfect for storing the bunkbed sheets, blankets, and also Eli’s off season clothes.

Vintage Playroom Decor

If I had to name the theme for this playroom it would be “vintage equestrian hunt club.”

Playroom Furniture Finds

That may not be a real style but that is definitely the look I was trying to achieve in this space.

I mixed a bunch of antique finds with some DIY decor.

Playroom Furniture Finds

The eclectic chalkboard gallery wall is one of my favorite projects of the room.

I made all of  these chalkboards out of one single piece of pre cut plywood.

Find the vintage chalkboard tutorial here!

Playroom Furniture Finds

The best part is that they can be easily removed from the wall for the kids to actually use. 

I also mixed in some antique dominos and this cool globe to add usable decor to the playroom. This cream and black plaid area rug really tied this space together with its simple pattern.

Playroom Furniture Finds

Besides the bunk beds themselves this space needed some different seating and working areas.

Vintage Playroom Ideas on a Budget: Playroom Reveal

This simple white table and chair set is the perfect spot for Eli to color, paint, and create at.

It wipes clean very easily and was a budget friendly furniture find for this playroom.

We also wanted to add some really cozy seating for relaxing and reading.

Vintage Playroom Ideas on a Budget: Playroom Reveal

I found these leather beanbag chairs at Walmart and they even have a vibration feature! 

The bean bag chair is where you will find me relaxing in the playroom. 

Vintage Bunk Bed/Playroom Reveal

This is by far one of my most favorite room renovations that we have ever done.

I am in love with the style and functionality of this playroom.

Vintage Playroom Ideas on a Budget: Playroom Reveal

The colors and patterns create a soothing yet fun environment for Eli to play and create in. 

Every detail of this space was crafted and handpicked which makes it feel extra special.

I tried to mix in old and new pieces to create a cohesive room that stayed true to vintage character and style.

My main goal for this space though was to create a room that was beautiful without losing any functionality.

Playrooms aren’t the spaces to have a bunch of “pretty” things that can’t also be used.

Vintage Playroom Ideas on a Budget: Playroom Reveal

So far Eli has been spending lots of time exploring and playing in his new playroom.

I have also noticed that I have been able to spend a lot less time cleaning our downstairs area and picking up toys non stop (win win)! 

My heart is definitely in this room but I am excited to move onto our next big room makeover.

Any guesses on what space we will be tackling next?

Vintage Playroom Ideas on a Budget: Playroom Reveal

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