The Truth Behind Valentine’s Day Flowers & Reservations

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you need to start reserving your flower arrangements (dinner and other reservations can’t hurt either J ). This 14th is the biggest in the flower industry and we wanted to let you in on a couple industry secrets and why reservations are so important!


Florists are forced to limit the amount of products that they hold for the holiday in effort to streamline production and serve as many customers as possible. Certain flowers or products we normally carry throughout the year are not available.

Limited Supply

We do our best to project how many orders we are capable of handling for Valentine’s Day while making sure we take on too many orders. By doing so, we project a certain amount of stems to carry and once we sell out of specific flowers, certain products will be sold out for the remainder of the holiday. 


It’s the one day of the year where florists experience 20x – 30x increase in amount of daily delivery so the 14th is a hectic delivery day. Send your flowers on 11th, 12th or 13th to ensure they get there and your Valentine can enjoy the entire day of the 14th!


Our #1 goal is to take on as many orders as we can without jeopardizing the quality and service that we always offer to our customers. We will be closing down orders at some point once we feel we have hit this threshold.

Reserve your flowers today and have an incredible Valentine’s Day!

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