How to Install a Vent Extender the Easy Way :

How to Install a Vent Extender the Easy Way

Easily install a DIY vent extender with this simple tutorial

Some projects are very glamorous and some projects are more done out of necessity…

This vent extender project is definitely the latter of the two.

The built-in bench for our newly added breakfast nook was definitely the star of this project but there was one problem we needed to solve, installing a vent extender.

Built-in seating breakfast nook

Because the built-in bench was built on top of a vent, extra steps needed to be taken to make sure we did not put added strain on our heating/cooling unit & also so that there wouldn’t be a build up of mildew on the closed off vent.

There are some more complicated DIY vent extender methods out there…

But this one is by far the simplest & still very budget friendly!

Here is the simplest method for adding a vent extender of your own:


how to make a vent deflector

Start by marking the space where the new opening will be located.

This should be directly in front of the vent if possible.

Make sure that the opening is smaller than the actual vent cover so that the cover will have something to attach too.

DIY Vent Extender Under Furniture

Now it’s time to start cutting, use a multi tool saw to cut out the opening.

My biggest tip is to make sure the blade is new, especially if you are going to be cutting through multiple layers like I was.

DIY Vent Extender Under Furniture

After my slot was cut I cleaned it up with my jigsaw, straight cuts are easier for me with the jigsaw.

DIY Vent Extender Under Furniture

Now that the slot is opened up you can attach the vent cover with the screws it came with.

DIY Vent Extender Under Furniture

Next, attach the magnetic vent extender to the vent and use the second plastic piece to set the distance.

The extender should be all the way up against the newly cut slot.

How to Install a Vent Extender the Easy Way

I did have to do a small amount of touchup paint (luckily I keep every paint brush I ever use safely in our refrigerator).

That’s it y’all, the easiest DIY vent extender install ever!

How to Install a Vent Extender the Easy Way

While it didn’t make this space any “prettier” it was absolutely necessary to add it in.

How to Install a Vent Extender the Easy Way

Let me know if you have any questions about how to install a vent extender & check out the entire breakfast nook build here!

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