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Home Office Makeover: Home Office Setup Ideas

Home office makeover and office decorating ideas that will upgrade your work space

It is officially official, the home office renovation is complete and it is everything I hoped it would be plus some!

If you have been following along you know a couple of weeks ago we decided to turn our used to be closet into a home office.

When we first moved into our home this area was closed off and used as the primary bedroom’s main closet.

We immediately tore down the wall that was closing it off and framed it in with this simple method.

The plan has always been to create a home office in this space we just didn’t get around to it… until now.

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Small Home Office Design

Home Office Inspiration

This is what the space looked like after we removed the wall and framed in the opening.

Not a bad space but definitely not as functional as it could be.

The design plan for this room was to encompass traditional and vintage styles plus add a lot of good storage.

This office is in our bedroom so I really wanted this space to look and feel grand, not like a cluttered eye sore.

Home Office Inspiration

Choosing the right wall color was a super important aspect of designing this space well.

I wanted it to be bold but also not clash with our bedroom walls.

After trying out four paint samples we went with Poetry Plum by Sherwin Williams!

All of the crown moulding and accent wall moulding came from Weaber Lumber, installing it immediately took this space to the next level!

Home Office Built-ins

Home Office Inspiration

Built-Ins are my love language, it’s true.

Anywhere I can add some built in bookcases I am going to, our method is really cost effective and simple which makes it an obvious choice.

You can see how we built arched bookcases in our living room for cheap here!

These are perfect for holding the pretty things and the functionally pretty things in our office.

DIY Faux Fireplace

Home Office Ideas

This may seem a little “extra” but I always pictured having a small fireplace in this area.

Plus if you are gonna be extra you mine as well do it in your office!

We built this faux fireplace for less than $100 and it immediately elevated the room.

The plan is to add plug in logs eventually, but I am still trying to find some super realistic looking ones.

If you have any suggestions I am all ears!

Find the complete DIY fireplace tutorial here

Budget Office Storage

Home Office Ideas

This wall of the office definitely took us the longest because we built all the cabinet doors, drawers, and structure ourselves.

Absolutely zero regrets though because this gave us so much necessary storage.

Home Office Ideas

The hardware was really the icing on the cake to these built Ins, it all came from Plank Hardware.

The PLANE knobs and pulls are the most perfect shade of brass and were super easy to install.

Home Office Ideas

I also added this vintage style plug-in wall sconce to brighten up this little nook.

Anytime I can add light without having to do any hardwiring it’s a win!

I still need to do the actual organizing of all the things, but that’s for another day.

Gold Chandelier

Home office makeover

Speaking of lighting… This room desperately needed some good overhead light!

Our room is already not the brightest space in our house and this little part of it has no windows.

So we added this gorgeous Zoanne chandelier from Hunter Lighting to brighten it up and also bring in some traditional style.

Home office makeover

I wish I could say I planned on the new chandelier and accent wall having the same geometric detail but honestly I didn’t even realize until they were both up!

It would have made me so much cooler if I had planned it, but either way I am so happy they do.

Wooden Home Office Desk

Home office makeover

This is the desk I snagged from Facebook Marketplace for $75!

I completely refinished it which was a bit of a process but totally worth it.

The hardware on it is original, it just needed a really good cleaning and some Rub N Buff to bring out its full potential.

Home office setup ideas

It adds so much character to the space and has a lot of good storage too.

Find More of My Favorite Budget Office Desk Finds Here!

The chair was a bit of a splurge for me, but I justified it by telling myself I got a great deal on the desk.

I found it on Overstock and it is not only gorgeous but also super comfy!

Decorating a Home Office

Home office setup ideas

Once all the painting, building, and large pieces were in it was time to button up the space and add some character.

The majority of the decor in this room is thrifted which makes me love it even more!

Home office setup ideas

Some pieces were perfect the way they were and just needed a little cleaning.

Other decor got a little Rub N Buff treatment to bring them back to life.

When you are decorating a small space it’s important that the decor is not only pretty but also serves a purpose.

Home office setup ideas

I am always looking for large cauldrons, bowls, and baskets to store fabric, leftover wrapping paper, candles, etc.

Home office setup ideas

I also added a few sentimental touches, like that decanter that we used for our wedding.

Am I the only one who thinks watching people pour and drink scotch is so classy looking but couldn’t take a sip themselves without gagging…

Oh well I will find something to fill it with 😉

Home Office Renovation Reveal

Home office setup ideas

It still shocks me that this space used to be a cramped closet.

I could not be happier with how our small home office turned out, it has all the character and vintage style I was going for.

The next step will be organizing everything and actually getting to work!

Let me know what you think of our office renovation and some of your favorite organizing suggestions.

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