Easy DIY Christmas Gift Tags :

Easy DIY Christmas Gift Tags

Make these easy personalized gift tags perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and hostess gifts

Whether you are a last minute gift getter or someone who plans the perfect gift months in advance, these gift tags are for you! 

I genuinely love wrapping and giving gifts more than receiving them.

It feels like such a victory when I find something the person genuinely loves.

Wrapping and presenting beautiful gifts also makes me feel like I have my life together.

That may not always be the case but it’s the area I choose to channel my inner Martha Stewart into.

For this Christmas I decided I wanted the gift tags to also be a little bit extra.

Making Homemade Gift Tags

Something fun that the gift receiver could also keep if they wanted to.Last year I created really simple but beautiful clay ornaments and I thought I would do something similar with these gift tags.

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How to Make DIY Gift Tags


Making Homemade Gift Tags

These DIY gift tags are so simple I almost feel guilty calling this a “tutorial” but here we go.

Making Homemade Gift Tags

Start by rolling out the clay on a smooth surface until it’s about a 1/4″ thick.

I tried to use parchment paper to keep the clay from sticking to the rolling pin but that left lines in the clay.

Working the roller slowly over the clay worked much better.

Next use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes from the clay.

Personalized Gift Tags

For these gift tags I used a small round cookie cutter that left a flower-like shape.

You could fit the cookie cutter shape to whatever holiday, occasion, or shape you want.

Next year I might try star shapes for the gift tags.

Personalized Gift Tags

Once all the gift tags are cut you can move onto personalizing them.

Personalized Gift Tags

I found this small stamp set on Amazon that worked perfectly.

Personalized Gift Tags

It’s the same stamp set I used when I made the garden markers last spring.

You could personalize each tag with first names, nicknames, or last names.

Personalized Gift Tags

After they are personalized, use a straw to create a hole at the top.

This is where the ribbon will be inserted later.

Baking the Clay Gift Tags

I set the gift tags on parchment paper and placed them on a baking sheet.

Baking the Clay Gift Tags

Follow the directions on the package for baking the clay.

Mine suggested setting the oven to 275 degrees and baking for 15 minutes.

I baked these ones just a bit longer to make sure they were cooked all the way through and not soft.

Remove the clay and let it cool completely before finishing them.

Painting the Clay Gift Tags

If you are going for a more neutral look you can leave them plain.

I wanted these Christmas tags to be a little bit extra though…

Painting the Clay Gift Tags

Rub n Buff is magic for making anything and everything look vintage-y and pretty.

Apply the Rub n Buff to the gift tag with a clean makeup brush or small paint brush.

Once they dried I attached them to the Christmas gifts with pretty satin ribbon.

Easy DIY Christmas Gift Tags

That’s it, DIY personalized gift tags.

They are exactly the something extra I was wanting for these Christmas gifts.

Easy DIY Christmas Gift Tags

The best part is these gift tags can be made in about an hour and for really cheap too. 

Plus if they want to keep them they could double as cute little ornaments.

Who doesn’t love sentimental gift tags with a double purpose! 

Easy DIY Christmas Gift Tags

These might be over the top but honestly they are easy to make and sometimes it’s relaxing to do a simple DIY project.

If you are more the “slap a sticker gift tag on a present” person that is completely fine too! 

Easy DIY Christmas Gift Tags

It’s the thought that counts way more than the wrapping or even the gift itself.

Let me know what you think of these personalized gift tags and what shapes you think would look cute.

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