DIY Garden Plant Markers and Stakes :

DIY Garden Plant Markers and Stakes

Make these three simple garden plant markers, tags, and stakes for your outdoor or indoor plants

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Do you know that “Don’t Stop Believing” song by Journey?

It was actually my high school graduation song (yep that beat out Miley Cyrus’s “It’s the Climb” song) and it is basically my mantra for growing a garden.

Every year I get a little better at not killing everything off and this year will be the greatest yet!

You can check out the DIY potting bench I built last year here!

We expanded our garden this year big time and even added some plants to the chicken run.

DIY Garden Plant Markers and Stakes

With so much new planting going on I decided it was time to DIY some garden plant tags so that I could keep up with what everything is.

These three plant markers were super simple to make and I only needed a few of my favorite WORKPRO Tools!

Stamped Plant Tags

DIY Garden Plant Markers and Stakes


  • Mini Stamps
  • Metal Skewers
  • Air Clay
  • WORKPRO Pliers

For these garden name tags I used oven bake clay but the air dry clay would be fine too.

I started by rolling the clay out using two wooden sticks to keep my thickness even throughout the clay.

Plant to label

Next I used this sweet little cookie cutter to cut out my desired shape.

Plant to label

Once I had the shape ready to go I stamped the clay with these mini stamps.

These were the perfect size for the small garden tag.

Stamped Plant tags

I created a hole with one of the wooden sticks at the top of the plant marker, the hole needs to be big enough for the end of the skewer to fit through.

Stamped Plant tags

Once I had all my stamped garden tags ready I baked them in the oven for 20 minutes at 275 degrees.

Stamped Plant tags

Once the 20 minutes was up I let them cool off before adding Rub n Buff to the clay.

You could also paint them with acrylic paint if that’s more your style.

Stamped Plant tags

Now that the actual garden tags are ready to go I need to bend the skewers so that they can hang from the top.

Plant tags

My WORKPRO Pliers made this part a breeze!

Plant tags

My only regret with these stamped garden tags is that I didn’t buy more skewers to make more!

Plant tags

They are so cute and were super simple to make, I will definitely be making more of these soon.

DIY Garden Labels for Plants and Flowers

Plant tags


  • Small Wood Dowels
  • Scrap Wood (1×2 & 1×3’s are what I used)
  • Vinyl/Stamps/Marker
  • WORKPRO® 20V Pink Cordless Drill

These garden labels were so cheap to make because I had everything on hand except for the small craft dowels.

Start by cutting scrap wood down to 3-4″ wide pieces, I used 1×2 and 1×3 scrap wood pieces.

After they are cut, sand them with 180 grit sandpaper to remove all the rough edges and smooth the surface.

Garden plant markers

Next drill a hole on one of the long sides in the center of the block.

This is where the dowel will be inserted, for the larger signs I used two dowels, one at each end.

Garden plant markers

After the holes are drilled insert the dowels, keep the dowels at full length so that you have something to hold onto while you spray paint them.

I painted our plant signs black but got colorful with the flower signs.

Once the garden signs are dry use vinyl lettering, stencils, or even a paint marker to label them for your plants.

Garden plant markers

Now that the plant tags are ready I used my WORKPRO®Pink Multi-Tool to cut the dowels down to size.

Garden plant markers

These tags are perfect for my chicken run plants not that the chickens can read 😉

Garden plant markers

I also made some larger ones for the wheelbarrow garden flowers!

Garden plant markers

These were just a little something extra to encourage my flowers to stay alive this year…

Garden plant markers

Garden Label Stakes

Garden label stakes


  • Large Popsicle Sticks
  • Painters Tape
  • Vinyl/Stamps/Marker
  • WORKPRO® Detail Sander

These garden label stakes only cost me $3 to make and I made a whole bunch!

Start by sanding your popsicle sticks with 220 grit sandpaper, I found that holding them down with a large piece of wood and clamps worked best.

Garden label stakes

Once they were sanded smooth I measured and marked 6″ down from the top of the sticks.

Garden label stakes

Then I wrapped painter’s tape at that mark and down the stick, I did mine diagonally to give them little extra oomph.

Garden label stakes

I used black spray paint to paint these garden stakes but I think a rainbow of colors would look great too!

Once they were dry I used the same vinyl as before to label the stakes for my different plants.

Weather proof plant markers

It is also a good idea to use a sealer to waterproof the plant markers.

Weather proof plant markers

These garden label stakes were the easiest and cheapest to make so I used them to label all the big garden’s plants!

Weather proof plant markers

I don’t know about you but we 100% need garden labels at this stage because all the plants look the same to me…

Garden labels for plants
DIY Garden Plant Markers and Stakes

Garden Plant Markers

I am so happy with how these three garden plant markers turned out and extra happy that they were so cheap and easy to make!

All I needed was one day, $10, and a few of my favorite WORKPRO Tools.

They would also make great Mother’s Day, housewarming, or teacher gifts and could be paired with a cute pair of gloves and a plant.

If you liked the fonts we used on ours you can download them free from our VIP Printable Gallery.

Quick Tips for Planting a Garden

Here are some beginner friendly planting tips that will help you achieve a successful year of planting!

1. Know When to Plant What

When we first started gardening I had no idea certain plants could only be planted at certain times…

Be sure to only plant cool season crops between September – February

Warm season crops get planted March – August

2. Tools Make the Job Easier

There are tools available to make the job a lot easier, so you mine as well use them!

Our newest garden tool addition is this WORKPRO® Auger drill bit set and it made planting so much easier and quicker.

3. Make a Plan

Before you do any actual planting it helps to make a diagram of your area and plan which crops will be going where.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a hand drawn plan so that when it’s time to plant you are ready.

It’s also helpful to do a little research on which plants grow best when they are grown next to each other.

4. Double Duty

When choosing which plants to add to your garden keep in mind certain plants can do multiple things!

For instance Lavender, Rosemary, & Basil are great for keeping different pests away.

Planting Sage and Thyme for chickens aids in boosting their overall health.

DIY Garden Plant Markers and Stakes

Those are just a few tips to get you started!

Let me know if you have any questions or gardening tips of your own you would like to share.

As always I am rooting for all your gardens!

DIY Garden Plant Markers and Stakes

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