Budget Fire Pit Ideas :

DIY Backyard Fire Pit: Budget Fire Pit Ideas

Create a DIY backyard fire pit area on a budget with this simple tutorial

Talk about heating up our backyard makeover!

This year is finally the year we start tackling our backyard/deck.

We have already made some major improvements to the back deck by staining and painting it.

Now its time to move off the deck and onto the fire pit area.

I love a good fire, they are great for gathering around, roasting s’mores and hot dogs.

Around the fire pit is my favorite “stay-cation” spot!

So this year we decided to make a permanent fire pit and seating area in the backyard.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit



-Spray Paint


Wall Block

-Egg Rock

Ideas For Outdoor Fire Pit

There are technically two parts to this project:

1. Building the actual fire pit

2. Creating an area for seating

You can just build the fire pit itself but I think creating a seating area makes the entire space look cleaner and more put together.

Ideas For Outdoor Fire Pit

We started by marking our fire pit circle using a stake, string, & spray paint.

The average fire pit inside diameter is between 30-44″ we decided to go with 36″ for ours.

Ideas For Outdoor Fire Pit

The second circle we painted was for our seating area.

Ideas For Outdoor Fire Pit

We used a string cut at 72″ to create the large circle.

Mapping out the fire pit and seating area really helped us visualize how the space would look and feel.

Ideas For Outdoor Fire Pit

Once the areas were mapped out we (mainly Adam) dug out the entire area with a shovel.

He definitely got a good workout in but it was much cheaper than renting equipment…

DIY Stone Fire Pit

Ideas For Outdoor Fire Pit

For our fire pit we used wall block from Home Depot.

This was the cheapest material we could find that still looked really good.

Here’s a pro tip: If you order it for pickup you only have to load the blocks into your car instead of having to load them onto a cart & then your car!

DIY Backyard Fire Pit: Budget Fire Pit Ideas

Once we got the blocks home I placed them around the smaller circle we re-painted.

Use a long level along the blocks as you place them, you may need to dig or add dirt in some areas to keep the blocks level.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit: Budget Fire Pit Ideas

It also won’t hurt to use a dead blow hammer really pack the blocks into the ground.

You can also add adhesive in between the layers of block for extra hold.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit: Budget Fire Pit Ideas

After the fire pit was placed me and my little helper got to work spreading the egg rock inside the seating area.

To save money we bought the rock from a local gravel company, buying it by the truck load was way cheaper than buying it buy the bag from a big box store.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Reveal

DIY Backyard Fire Pit

It’s getting hot out here but we have a lot of bugs so we are gonna keep our clothes on 😉

If that joke was too old for you, I am sorry I just can’t help my 90s baby self…

But seriously how great does this fire pit look!

DIY Backyard Fire Pit

It is the perfect spot to get cozy with some yummy s’mores and a fire.

This area isn’t complete though, next up we will be building Adirondack chairs and adding string lights!

DIY Backyard Fire Pit

Here is our cost so far though:

  • Wall Block (45) $122
  • Egg Rock (1-1/2 truck loads) $234

Our total cost for this DIY backyard fire pit us $356, that’s not bad considering the fire pit kits alone start at $600….

Let me know what you think about our new fire pit and stay tuned for our DIY outdoor chair build!

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